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Welcome to Bushwalk Tasmania

A Comprehensive Guide to Bushwalking in Tasmania
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Welcome to Bushwalk Tasmania

Bushwalking Tasmania Experience

People travel from the world over to experience bushwalking in Tasmania and discover some of the world's most beautiful natural scenery and world heritage listed national parks. Experienced walkers and backpackers prepared with lots of time and equipped to deal with potentially harsh conditions could walk Tasmania's wilderness for weeks and be lucky to see a sealed road or any sign of human life. Or, you could simply do a 1-hour walk from any number of easy accessible locations and also expereince Tassie's natural beauty.

Tasmania is renowned the world over for its bushwalking tracks, wilderness areas and pristine natural beauty. And even though Tasmania is a small island state of Australia, with a total population of around 500,00 people, some 20% percent of its land area is protected that in turn provides plenty of places to go bush walking in Tasmania for beginners, intermediate and experienced walkers.

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    All regions of Tasmania have areas popular with bushwalkers including the South West National Park, where you can walk to Federation Peak, Mt Anne, the Western Arthurs, Southern Ranges, Denison River and South West Cape all of which have marked tracks that are suitable for intermediate to moderately experienced walkers. In most cases walks in these areas will range range from between 7 and 12 days in duration. It is recommended, however, that a lot of preparation is undertaken before attempted these more difficult walks, with particular emphasis on monitoring weather conditions as the weather can be very harse and changeable.

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    Bushwalks in Tasmania - Need To Know

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    The best known walk in the Tasmania is the Overland Track that stretches from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair and passes passes the highest peaks in Tasmania. The Overland Track is world renowened with overseas visitors travelleling to Tasmania purely to walk this magnificent area of Tasmania. Its' popularity is well deserved and the track of well marked and easy to follow. The walk is varied in that it passes through a wide variety of landscapes in the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park. Click here for camping tasmania guide. Overland Track Fees are payable to walk the track during the busy summer period of 01 November - 30 April.

    Overland Track - Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Park

    The Overland Track experience commences in the northern part of Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park, at Ronny Creek, climbing out of the Cradle Valley and finishes at Narcissus Bay on Lake St Clair.

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    Port Davey Track

    The South Coast Track is a remote wilderness walk that features magnificent beaches and simply stunning coastal scenery. Typically walking groups take between 6 and 10 days to walk the 85 kilometre track. The most common way to walk the South Coast Track is to fly into Melaleuca and walk east to Cockle Creek. Read more ..

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    Tasmanian bushwalking news

    Generally Tasmania enjoys a mild temperate climate, with four distinct seasons with variable weather conditions from coastal areas to the central highlands. When bushwlaking in Tasmania, you need to always consider Tasmania's changeable weather conditions when even in Summer, conditions can be very challenging.

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    Bushwalking Tasmania Forum

    Featured Bushwalks Tasmania

  • Overland Track
  • Port Davey Track
  • South Coast Track
  • Meander Falls
  • Pine Lake Walk
  • Wineglass Bay Freycinet
  • Tahune Airwalk
  • Organ Pipes, Mt Wellington
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    The Summer Season in Tasmania (01 December to 28 February is the most popular time to visit Tasmania. For bushwalking, however, all times of the year are great and offer many different experiences but you must be prepared as in colder winter months, the days are short and the average daily temperature may be as low as 5c during the day in some of Tassie's more remote areas..

    Generally Tasmania enjoys a mild temperate climate, with four distinct seasons with variable weather conditions from coastal areas to the central highlands.


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