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Port Davey Track South Coast Bushwalk Track Tasmania

port davey track Bushwalk Description

The Port Davey and South Coast walking tracks lie within the Southwest National Park Tasmania and take walkers through the heart of over 600,000 hectares of wild, challenging country. They are more remote than many other walks in Tasmania, such as the famous Overland Track. It is highly recommended that walkers gain experience on other Tasmanian walking tracks before attempting the Port Davey and South Coast tracks, as due to their remoteness, walkers are a long way from help should it be required.

The Port Davey Track is 70 km in length and used by walkers between Scotts Peak Road and Melaleuca. The South Coast Track is 85 kilometres in length and used by walkers between Cockle Creek and Melaleuca. There are no roads to Melaleuca; walkers must either fly, sail or walk in and out. The Port Davey Track starts from the Huon Campsite, near the end of the Scotts Peak Road. This is reached via Maydena and Frodshams Pass, app. 2 - 3 hours drive west of Hobart.

Most people take approximately 6 - 8 days to complete the South Coast Track. The duration will depend upon time spent enjoying the many beautiful beaches along the way. Walkers should note that the track surface may be rough and muddy over extended sections of the South Coast Track; especially during winter months.

Most people take about 4 to 5 days to complete the Port Davey Track and either fly out at Melaleuca or continue along the South Coast Track to Cockle Creek; this being a further 6-8 days walk. The Port Davey Track has some steep and muddy sections

The Port Davey Track at a glance:

  • 4 days minimum; 5-7 recommended
  • Harsh and challenging weather
  • No accommodation; walkers must carry tents and suitable clothing
  • App. 200 people walk the Port Davey track each year
  • App. 1000 people walk the South Coast track each year
  • National Parks fees apply.
  • On the South Coast Track the Ironbound Range rises to 900 m where the weather can change rapidly.
  • Make sure you register your walk before commencement

Approx. Walking Times:

  • Scotts Peak to Junction Creek 3-4 hours
  • Junction Creek to Watershed Camp 7-9 hours
  • Watershed Camp to Spring River 5-6 hours
  • Spring River to Melaleuca 8-11 hours

The Southwest National Park is an experience you will never forget. This enormous area of World Heritage wilderness is remote, ancient, and epic in its proportions. The Roaring Forties lash the park for much of the year, adding to the drama, and even the natural waterways are immense in size. It is interesting to note that Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour together are bigger than the Sydney Harbour. Click here for information on camping Port Davey Track

There is no accommodation on either the Port Davey or South Coast tracks.

Bushwalk Details

Difficult, undulating terrain
duration of walk
5-7 days
Registration required
disabled access
Not Suitable
Nil; tents must be carried
bushwalk tasmania
Food water, camera, tent
Recommeded to carry
do not bring
Pets, firearms, bikes
Limited Transport Available
food available
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To walk the Port Davey Track you must take a good quality tent, waterproof raincoat, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, fuel stove only, thermals, a fleecy or woollen jumper, beanie or similar warm hat, sunhat in summer, map or GPS, water bottles, large strong plastic bag to waterproof the inside of your pack, gaiters and walking boots. It’s also essential to carry a small spade for digging a toilet hole to bury faecal waste. All other waste must be carried out with you.

South Coast Port Davey Track

The Port Davey and South Coast Tracks are challenging walks in a region of Tasmania regularly exposed to harsh weather conditions. With no huts on the Port Davey South Coast Tracks, walkers must be fully self-sufficient, well-equipped and experienced.

Suggested Itinerary

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Most people walk during the warmer months between December and March. However, irrespective of when you walk, always be prepared for cold winds and heavy rain at any time of year. We recommend you check the latest weather forecast before starting your trip.

It’s possible (but not advisable) to walk the track in winter, or alone, as long as you are highly experienced and well prepared. However, walking in winter and alone is not recommended as it is possible to face extreme weather conditions.

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